• Expertise in developing communities

    promoting international partnerships for local solutions

  • Data and communication management technology

    solutions in competitive economic fields

  • Acting responsible for the future

    by using environment friendly solutions and renewable resources

  • Integrated infrastructure

    visionary architecture by preserving the patrimony

  • Innovation, tailored services and reaction speed

    in dealing with new challenges and ”first time” projects

  • Integrated and sustainable approach

    covering all PCM phases

  • Technical assistance in capacity building, consulting services

    using the "human face" of consulting

  • Creative ideas in urban and territorial planning

    to increase the quality of life

  • Our dedicated team is your project manager

    Your goals are the reason of our existence

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AVENSA was founded in 2003 under the name of Office Consulting, after the separation of the consultancy department within the Community Development Center Association of Iasi – a NGO that operates since 2000, one of the pioneers in consulting services for grants on the market.

At the end of 2004, the company faced a new development stage − after developing its own activity and outcomes, the need for creating a brand to identify the services provided by our company became a must − AVENSA art of performance.

AVENSA’s vision is to become a relevant player at international level in providing integrated services in technical assistance, consultancy, design and engineering, IT&C and audit, in order to strengthen the institutional capacity of managing public and private development projects, by promoting the Romanian expertise and competence in partnership with foreign experience.

The goal of AVENSA and our partners is to support the community actors in the provision of a sustainable development that involves public and private bodies and the civil society, materialized in the promotion and implementation of solutions with benefits in increasing the quality of life.

In this approach, Avensa promotes creative and innovative ideas and uses an experience that creates a library of knowledge, risks, solutions, examples of good practice and case studies.

Avensa relies on a team of consultants and staff, fully dedicated to development projects undertaken for clients' success. From strategic point of view, the company is lead by the Board of Directors.