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  • Romania

  • Iasi County Council

  • Joint Operational Program Romania-Ukraine-Republic of Moldova 2007-2013

  • 02/2013 - 12/2015

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TransAgropolis-Transfrontier Agribusiness Support

Investment objectives: Main production space (processing lines space, retail and presentation space), Business Support Center, Exterior design (Concrete alleys, parking for 100 cars, 80 trucks and cars transport capacity, fence, utilities: electricity, water supply, sewerage).

Project location:

  • North Eastern Region, Iaşi County
  • Ungheni District, Republic of Moldova
  • Făleşti District, Republic of Moldova
  • Vinitsa Region, Ukraine

Target group:

Agricultural producers (private companies, agricultural associations, individual manufacturers organizations) and companies in the agrifood sector from cross border region:

  • 331 from Iasi County
  • 84 from Ungheni District (Republic of Moldova)
  • 87 from Falesti District (Republic of Moldova)
  • 788 from Vinitsa Region (Ukraine)

Direct beneficiaries:

  • Iaşi County Council
  • Leţcani Local Council
  • Ungheni District Council (Republic of Moldova)
  • Făleşti District Council (Republic of Moldova)
  • Vinitsa Regional Council (Ukraine)
  • Department of Agriculture and Rural Development Iaşi
  • University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “Ion Ionescu de la Brad” Iaşi

Emplacement: Leţcani – Lot 25 with an area of 25.4 ha, part of the area of Leţcani Local Council, under the administration of Iasi County Council;

Total value of project

The total eligible value of project – EUR 4,313,344.19

Implementation period of the project

16.05.2012 – 31.12.2015 (with the last extension addendum – Addendum no. 4 to 31 December 2015)

The project’s main activities are the following:

  1. Project management, coordination and communication activities;
  2. Acquisition consultancy services and technical assistance;
  3. Development of interregional partnership network;
  4. Organizing procurement procedures and for construction works;
  5. Dissemination of project results and publicity of the project.

The main activity of the project is “realization of construction works”, activity that is allocated 87.79% of the total project value.

Investment objectives: main production space (space for processing lines, sales and presentation space), Business Support Center, Exterior design (Concrete alleys, parking for 100 cars, 80 trucks and cars transport capacity, fence, utilities: electricity, water supply, sewerage).

Currently transformed in Iasi County Directorate for Agriculture

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Subject of contract: Consultancy services in project management in order to ensure successful implementation of the project „TransAgropolis-Transfrontier Agribusiness Support”.

Activity 1: Ensuring an efficient project management;
Activity 2: Ensuring the implementation of the project as scheduled and requirements of technical and financial reporting from financing contract;
Activity 3: Technical assistance for the members of project implementation team (by providing necessary documents and information) for the preparation of all documents required by the implementation procedures such that Iasi County Council to respect all the obligations under the financing contract;
Activity 4: Informing the project implementation unit concerning all changes and additions to the implementation procedures and legal acts / technical regulations which are directly related to project implementation (default construction works);
Activity 5: Assistance given to the project implementation unit in proper supervision of project construction works (according to technical project execution and technical regulations);
Activity 6: Assistance in developing procurement procedures carried out by the Beneficiary, including way of carrying and fulfillment of contracts;
Activity 7: Assistance in dealing with persons / business operators involved in the project development: the contracting authority, designer, site master, builder, all service providers in the project;
Activity 8: Evaluation of project implementation in terms:
• evaluation of the process - if the activities were within the proposed time schedule, calculation of specific indicators of project management;
• evaluation of the impact (in terms of efficacy) - the achievement of the indicators proposed by project;
Activity 9: Participates along with the project implementation unit to the identification, assessment and management of risks that can appear during the project implementation.