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  • Consortium Avensa Consulting SRL, Romania and IM Avensa Consulting Republic of Moldova

  • Republic of Moldova

  • UNDP Moldova

  • UNDP

  • 01.12.2010-01.04.2011

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The provision of consultancy services to support target LPAs in strengthening their capacities to plan, budget, implement, monitor and evaluate in an efficient manner

The overall objective of the project is to improve administrative, institutional and organizational capacity of the APL in the Republic of Moldova.


an elaborated model for the assessment of APL capacities, 35 evaluation reports produced,  35 developed plans to improve capacity, 35 micro-projects implemented in 35 APLs.


Tab 3

Improving the local government capacity assessment tool
Evaluation of the administrative capacity of 35 APL of Briceni, Edinet Ocnita and Floresti
Elaboration of development plans for developing the administrative capacity for 35 LPA in Briceni, Edinet Ocnita and Floresti
Implementation of 35 projects for improving the administrative capacities of the evaluated APL according to the elaborated plans.