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  • Romania

  • Maramures County Council

  • Sectoral Operational Programme for Environment

  • 24.09.2014 - present

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Technical support for project management “Integrated Waste Management System in Maramures”.

The overall objective
The main objective of this project is to ensure compliance with the environmental acquis in Maramures County. In this context the main provisions of the Accession Treaty of Romania in the waste management sector are set out in the National Waste Management Plan, Regional Waste Management Plan, and County Waste Management Plan. The proposed project is consistent with these strategic documents.
The specific objectives
The specific objectives that contribute to the overall objective are as follows:
1 to ensure compliance with EU legislation on landfilling biodegradable;
2 to protect human health and the environment by improving the collection and storage of waste and
by providing closure and greening existing deposits and the construction of a new landfill in accordance with EU standards;
3 to optimize the integrated waste management and to improve service quality;
4 to introduce and develop the system of selective collection of waste, promote recycling of packaging waste and biodegradable in accordance with national and EU regulations and to reduce the amount of waste.
Also, the project will:
• to strengthen the technical and managerial Maramures County through the implementation and operation of a waste project funded community;
• will contribute to an effective strategy on taxation, billing and collection;
• increase the awareness of residents on the benefits of the project, of selective waste collection and recycling.

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The main services of the project include:
Project management support
- Preparation and review of Manual of Procedures for monitoring project implementation.
- Contracts included in Project Management.
- Monitoring the fulfillment of conditionalities under the contract funding;
Technical Assistance
- Technical assistance in conducting public procurement procedures;
- Technical assistance in the evaluation of tenders and contracting services ADIGIDM MM;
Update "Long Term Investment Plan (Master Plan) on integrated waste management in Maramures"
Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Beneficiary
- Support specific;
- Training of staff;