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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • City Hall of Soldanesti town

  • City Hall of Soldanesti town

  • 10/ 2013 – 12/ 2014

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Technical design for the project “The resting park, Soldanesti town”

This contract consists in elaboration of technical design in order of modernization of central park from Sodanesti town.

Tab 3

- Part I: elaboration of topographical and geological research
- Part II technical drawings (general plan, external networks, construction - outdoor disco, including related construction, rearrangement of land afferent to musical school - architecture, structure, network engineering, water supply and sewerage system, ventilation system, heating, air conditioning, electrical systems automation, system to prevent extreme situations, elaboration of plans for arrangement - mini pool, mini stage, menagerie, aquarium, sports ground, small bridge, sanitary point, water tower -, elaboration of infrastructural development plans - fencing and access gates, car parks, portions of the road - elaboration of landscape plans of decoration elements - sports equipment, playground equipment; gazebos, benches, flower pots, decorative fences, pergolas;
- Part III: Compartiment of written plays;
- Part VI: Elaboration of local and general budgets.