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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • City Hall of Durlesti

  • Joint Operational Programme Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova 2007-2013

  • 02/ 2013 – 05/ 2014

Tab 2

Technical design for the project “Eco– Cities– A Common Vision in the Cross-Border Area”, Durlesti town – MIS-ETC 1605

The overall objective of the project: To develop long-term solutions to the environmental problems faced by the border areas, by converting a cross-border city (Durlesti) into an ecological one and by organizing seminars on ecological topics held by experts in the cross-border area.

Specific objectives:

– the ecological arrangement of Durlesti river; reducing the river pollution by preventing the garbage depositing on the riverside; – experience and know-how exchange on ecological matters between experts in the cross-border areas; – increasing protection of the local community in Durlesti against floods; – the training of the local public authorities on ecological topics; – protecting the fauna of Durlesti river; renewing the specific vegetation by tree planting; – the popularization among the local and national community of cross-border EU funding opportunities; – raising awareness among the cross-border communities on the importance of maintaining a clean environment

Tab 3

The purpose of the contract: to elaborate technical design in order to identify the best technical solution for river arrangement.
Specific work provided in the frame of this contract:
Part I – Studies: Reconnaissance survey of the watercourse; Soil study, chemical analysis of water and sludge; geotechnical study; topographic study;
Part II – Drawings Parts: 1. General plans - General plan (territory arrangement and soil calculations); Placement plan in the area; Organization of transport and traffic; 2. Architecture - Architectural plans; Sections, facades, important details plans; Landscape design; 3. Structure – It include: trawings and calculations concerning the compilation and execution of the resistance structure; hydrological calculations, drawings of hydro-technical measures; 4. Utility Networks (according to topographic research results); The main plans of utility networks; External networks design; Interiors networks design
Part III – Written Parts: 1. General explicative memorandum; 2. Environmental Protection Compartment; 3. Local budgets and general budget