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  • Consortium SC Planet SA (leader) & SC Avensa Consulting SRL (partner)

  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • State Budget, Local Budget, SOP Environment, Priority Axis 3 - Reduction of pollution and mitigation of climate change through rehabilitation of district heating systems, aiming at achieving energy efficiency targets in the identified priority areas

  • 22.07.2011 – ongoing

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Technical Assistance for the management of the project ”Rehabilitation of urban heating system in Botosani municipality for the period of time 2009-2028, in order to comply with environmental legislation and increase energy efficiency”

Overall Objective – reduce the negative impact of emissions and mitigate the climate change caused by the centralized heat supply, in order to improve the health of the population in Botosani through investments to rehabilitate existing heating plant and supply networks thermal energy to cut emissions levels and improve energy efficiency of the heating system including the transmission and distribution networks by reducing heat loss.

Direct results

  1. Installation of high efficiency cogeneration nine consists of two heat engines and two heat recovery systems;
  2. Installation of two hot water boilers will be the new Large Combustion Plant (LCP);
  3. Rehabilitation and modernization of equipment and auxiliary systems – fuel system, electrical power system, water treatment plant, pumping station, power station, control room;
  4. Partial rehabilitation of the transmission of heat;
  5. Partial rehabilitation of heat distribution network;
  6. Advertising, technical assistance and supervision.


Tab 3

The main services of the project include:

• Support in developing public procurement procedure and signing contracts for works and services under the Project (services / works related to the project monitored);
• Preparation of job descriptions for PMU staff;
• Preparation Procedures Manual of the UMP (UMP procedures manual and job descriptions UMP members);
• Beneficiary Support in preparation of the payment (payment request);
• Support the PMU in project management Procedures Manual developed;
• Preparation and implementation of a monitoring, reporting and archiving for PMU correlated nationwide system used for information management (SMIS);
• Develop and implement strategies in support of Project;
• PMU Training and seminars for exchange of experience;
• Communicating, Reporting and Contract Management.