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  • Republic of Moldova

  • EU Delegation (EUD) to the Republic of Moldova

  • EU

  • 07/2017 – 06/2019

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The overall objective of the project is to empower local actors in Gagauzia to enable them to implement and monitor development priorities in cooperation with Moldovan central authorities.

The purpose of this project is to provide support aimed at building the capacity of local authorities to implement regional development related activities according to the standards and practices in other regions (south, centre and north regions). The project will deliver also regional strategic planning support and support to project formulation for accessing regional development funds.


  • Expected result 1: The capacity of the ATU Gagauzia to manage regional development policy is strengthened and better integrated within the national regional development framework.
  • Expected result 2: The operational capacity of local public administration, civil society and business organizations of ATU Gagauzia to initiate, prepare and implement development projects under different funding programmes is enhanced.
  • Expected result 3: Management approaches and mechanisms necessary for the successful implementation of the CBM IV Small-scale Infrastructure Scheme Programme (SSISP) are established and the capacity to access available other regional development funding and to manage the project implementation is enhanced.


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The main services/tasks provided include:

Component 1: Create conductive environment for regional development in ATU Gagauzia to be better integrated with national regional development framework:

Activity 1.1: Assessment of specific environment in Moldova with specific focus on Gagauzia with respect to regional development policy:
- Task 1.1.1 Functional review of regional development institutions and processes in ATU Gagauzia;
- Task 1.1.2 Stakeholders mapping;
- Task 1.1.3 Communication Gap analysis;
Activity 1.2: Building capacity for regional development in ATU Gagauzia:
- Task 1.2.1 Revision of working procedures and management practices of RDA;
- Task 1.2.2 Training needs assessment for RDA and SWGs;
- Task 1.2.3 Training packages and material for RDA and SWG;
- Task 1.2.4 Training for RDA and SWG;
- Task 1.2.5 Monitoring and evaluation system;
- Task 1.2.6 Monitoring and evaluation of implemented measures.
Activity 1.3: Generating and sharing knowledge to raise awareness and build capacity of local stakeholders (LPAs, CSOs and Business organizations) in ATU Gagauzia to participate in development projects:
- Task 1.3.1 Review of existing regional development technical assistance programmes in Gagauzia;
- Task 1.3.2 Establishment of a communications strategy for Regional Development Authorities;
- Task 1.3.3 Training needs analysis by target groups;
- Task 1.3.4 Training packages and material for local stakeholders;
- Task 1.3.5 Training for local stakeholders;
- Task 1.3.6 Organisation of communications events

Component 2: Building capacities of assigned Implementing Management Authority to successfully implement the CBM IV Small-scale Infrastructure Scheme and to assess the regional funds available for ATU Gagauzia.

Activity 2: Establish for the assigned Implementing Management Authority (PMA) of ATU Gagauzia effective management approaches and mechanisms for the implementation of Small-scale Infrastructure Scheme:
- Task 2.1 Gap analysis and capacity assessment to initiate and implement small scale infrastructure projects;
- Task 2.2 Development of operational manuals for programme management and implementation;
- Task 2.3 Coaching to the Implementing Managing Authority of the CBM IV Small-scale Infrastructure Scheme Programme;
- Task 2.4 Development and maintenance of appropriate communications channels;
- Task 2.5 Organization of information events;
- Task 2.6 Monitoring and evaluation system;
- Task 2.7 Monitoring and evaluation of development projects;