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  • Romania

  • Hunedoara County Council

  • Sectoral Operational Programme for Environment

  • 05.08.2013 - present

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Technical Assistance for support in project management and public campaigns within the “System integrated waste management in Hunedoara County”

The overall objectives of the Project
The overall objective of this project is to develop waste infrastructure in Romania and especially in Hunedoara County, in accordance with European standards, improve environmental quality and living conditions. More specifically, the general objectives of the project include:
  • Compliance withEU law andthe laws ofRomaniafor the treatment ofbiodegradable wasteinTMBstationbuildingand expandingexistingcompostingplants
  • Compliance withEU law andthe laws ofRomaniaregarding the collectionand recycling ofpackaging wastethroughwaste sortingstationbuildingand implementingacollectionsystem.
  • Connectionof100% of the populationrefuse collectionservices, including selective wastecollection
  • Reducetransportation costsby developing a networkofwastetransfer stationcost(the network already exists)
  • Developwastelandfill, which ensuresafe storageof waste
  • Minimizingthe environmental impact ofirregulardepositsof wasteby closing

The objective of this contract is to provide technical assistance services of the Contracting Authority (CA) as the PIU to assist coordination and consultation in the field of public awareness for integrated waste management system, supporting the implementation of public procurement procedures and signing work contracts, services and goods under the project for Hunedoara County.
The specific objectives of this agreement include: Provide technical assistance to the Project Implementation Unit for the implementation of effective management of daily project financing under the Contract, including establishing procedures manual for the Project Implementation Unit (PIU); Improving management of members of the IPU;

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The main services of the project include:

1. Management Capacity Project Implementation Unit (PIU)
Activities results:
- Organizational Project Implementation Unit updated and revised if necessary;
- Manual of Project Implementation Unit procedures developed and reviewed to date
- Implementation of an efficient system for archiving
2. Support the Project Implementation Unit in order to fulfill current
a) Supporting Project Implementation Unit to meet the benchmarks set out in the grant agreement and the coordination with the Managing Authority and Intermediate Body.
Sub-activity results
- Matrix Logic to achieve compliance contained in the grant agreement drafted;
- The requirements of the Financing Agreement are met
- Hunedoara County Council has implemented all the recommendations of the missions of verification / monitoring / audit
- A collaboration between Project Implementation Unit and AM / OI
b) Support Project Implementation Unit management contracts and the current work of the Project Implementation Unit
Sub-activity results
• Reporting and monitoring the implementation of the project is on time and regularly; Monitoring the implementation of the project contract documents are prepared properly
• Applications are reviewed and processed payment on time;