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  • Romania

  • Valcea County Council

  • Sectoral Operational Programme Environment

  • 11.08.2014 -present

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Technical assistance for project management and public awareness campaigns for the project “Integrated waste solid Management System in Valcea County”

The overall objectives of the Project

The overall objective of this project is the development of the waste in Valcea County, in accordance with European standards to improve quality conservation challenges and living conditions.

More specifically, the general objectives of the project include:

  • Compliance withEU law andthe laws ofRomaniafor the treatment ofbiodegradablewasteby building aTMBstationsand expandingexistingcompostingplant
  • Compliance withEU law andthe laws ofRomaniaregarding the collectionand recycling ofpackaging wastethroughwaste sortingstationbuildingand implementingacollectionsystem.
  • Connectionfor100% of the populationwate collectionservices, including selective wastecollection
  • Reducetransportation costsby developing a networkofwastetransfer stationcost(the network already exists)
  • Development of awastelandfillatRoesti, which in conjunction withexistingwastedepotundertheFetenito ensuresafe storageof waste
  • Minimizingthe environmental impact ofirregulardepositsofwaste byclosing

The objective of this contract is to ensure the Authority’s Technical Support as managerial support for PIU (Project Implementation Unit), consultation in the field, public awareness for integrated waste management system, sound support in conducting public procurement procedures and signing contracts for works, services and goods of the project for Valcea County, as well as the launch and deployment of public procurement procedures for delegating services waste and operation of the proposed investment in the project

Project implementation includes the following contracts to be awarded:

  • Service contract1:Technicalproject managementandpublic awarenesscampaignsinthe project ,,Integrated  waste solid Management System in Valcea county”
  • Service Agreement2:Supervisionof construction workswithin the project ,,Integrated  waste solid Management System in Valcea county”
  • Service contract3:Technicaldesignerfrombeneficiary
  • Service contract4:Auditing servicesforintegrated management systemValceaCountySolid Waste
  • Service contract5:Technical assistance forproject verificationinaccordance withlaw10/1995
  • Supply Contract1:Acquisition ofcollectingequipment. ValceaCounty
  • Supply Contract2:PurchaseequipmentforcompostingstationRaureni, ValceaCounty
  • WorksContract1:Building acentralwaste managementfacilities-SortingStation(Fidic Yellow -Design and execution) depositaccordingtoRoest(Fidic Red- Execution) and staticmechanicalbiologicaltreatment(MBT) inRoest(Fidic Yellow- Designand execution)(includingaccess roadsand utilities)
  • Works contract2:BuildingsortingstationsinBrezoiandRaureni(including utilities) (Fidic yellow -Design and construction)
  • WorksContract3:ĺnchidereatwoirregulardepositsthatCălimăneştiandDrăgăşani(Fidic yellow -Design and construction)

The specific objectives ofthis agreementinclude:

  • Support forqualifiedand effectiveProject ImplementationUnit(PIU) inproject managementforsuccessful implementationProiectuiuiinconfomiitatetheGrant ContractandAgreement-Position paperon the implementationandsustainabilityproject (Annex II);
  • Strengthenadministrativecapacityiristituţionaleandbeneficiaries;
  • Provide supportinconductingprocurement proceduresofworkservice / supplyprovidedin the project:tender documentationverifying compliancewith the legislationinforceand technical supportinanalyzingthe bids submittedand
  • SupportandDevelopment AssociationUIPat the intercommunitary level forsanitationof settlements inValceacounty(ADI) inprovidingtender documentationfor contractsdelegationsanitation servicesandcontractsoperation of newinfrastructureresultingintegrated waste managementprojectprovidedinAppendix
  • Provide support tothe PIUindevelopingsustainabilitystrategyproject

Development and implementation of the Strategy and Plan for Promotion, public awareness information campaigns among Valcea county residents.

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Activity 1 - technical assistance in conducting public procurement procedures
- Supporting the PIU in order to carry out procurement procedures;
Documenting award auditing service, technical assistance for project verification and technical assistance from the designer to the beneficiary concerned and assistance in signing contracts;
Preparation of tender documentation for contracts delegation sanitation services and contracts for the operation of new integrated waste management infrastructure;
Update long-term investment plan (Master Plan) on the integrated management of solid waste in the county of Valcea.
- On–the-job training for PIU on technical, financial, public procurement, communication aspects
Activity 2 - Support the PIU
- Preparation and review procedures manual for project implementation;
Management contracts in the project;
Monitoring the fulfillment of conditionalities made by the financing decision;
Activity 3 - Strengthening the institutional capacity of the beneficiary;
Activity 4 - Specific activities for communication, information and advertising project.