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  • European Profiles S.A – leader Archidata SRL EBI & S.C. AVENSA CONSULTING SRL & HRTA Sarl

  • Republic of Moldova

  • Ministry of Economy, Republic of Moldova

  • European Union

  • 01/12/2013-30/11/2015

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Project objective[s]:

The wider objective of the Project is to support the DCFTA process in the Republic of Moldova by enhancing the capacities of the MoE and other relevant organizations in the areas of policy design and selection, legal approximation, coordination, implementation, communication, monitoring and evaluation.

Specific Purposes of the Project are to:

  • Provide Research and Policy Advice to Groups of Officials Involved in Implementing the DCFTA (Component 1)
  • Draft and Approximate Legislation, Analyse and Present European Body Law, Compare and Suggest Amendments to Moldovan Law (Component 2)
  • Capacity-Building and Public-Awareness on DCFTA (Component 3)

Project outputs:

  • Adequate preparation and follow up actions of the Working Group meetings aiming at drafting and assisting the implementation of the DCFTA Action Plan. For this purpose we shall provide specialised expertise coming from the roster of senior experts and from the Central Policy Unit (Team Leader and Key Experts).
  • Priorities for the DCFTA Action Plan set in coordination with the MoE and relevant stakeholders.
  • Policy and legal approximation advanced according to DCFTA requirements.
  • Capacity to implement the DCFTA increased.
  • Monitoring of DCFTA implementation enhanced.
  • Coordination and harmonisation of the DCFTA with the NDS and other National and bilateral strategies as well as sector strategies.

Awareness strategy is designed and implemented aiming at a better comprehension from stakeholders, business, consumers and the general public of the benefits from DCFTA and legal approximation.


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The main services of the project include:

Component 1. Provide Research and Policy Advice to Groups of Officials Involved in Implementing the DCFTA

- Task 1.1 Provide sector research and policy and legal advice on DCFTA
- Task 1.2 Establish priorities for the implementation of the DCFTA
- Task 1.3 Support DCFTA monitoring and coordination
- Tak 1.4 Support activities of the Working Groups formed by the Ministry of Economy on sector policies’ development

Component 2. Draft and approximate legislation, analyse and present European body law, compare and suggest amendments to Moldovan laws

- Task 2.1 Assist approximation based on prioritisation of the DCFTA
- Task 2.2 Enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Economy, line ministries and other public institutions that participate in the approximation process
- Task 2.3 Strengthen the capacities of the civil servants in drafting legal acts for approximation
- Task 2.4 Consider and promote recent experiences of the “new” EU Member States

Component 3. Capacity-Building and Public Awareness on DCFTA

- Task 3.1 Review and assist the implementation of the DCFTA Public Awareness Strategy
- Task 3.2 Ensure effective online information sharing related to the DCFTA -- Assistance for the Creation of a DCFTA Management Information System
- Task 3.3 Develop and update the Project website on DCFTA

Completion Phase

- Task 4.1. Evaluation of results and final recommendations