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  • Romania

  • Ministry of Economy and Commerce

  • State Budget, Technical Assistance Operational Programme 2007-2013

  • 23.11.2010 - 30.11.2012

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Support for the evaluation of proposals for Priority Axis 4 of the SOP IEC (renewable energy) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment – Energy Intermmediary Body

Overall objective

  • Support the EIB in the management and implementation of the Priority Axis 4 of the Sectorial Operational Programme.
  • Increase of Economic Competitiveness in the management of the funds allocated by evaluating the submitted proposals for grant applications of financing from the Structural Funds under Priority Axis 4.
  • Increase the energy efficiency and security of supply in the context of climate change for the public and private sectors.

Direct results

  1. Technical and financial evaluation of a total of 150 applications for funding;
  2. Improve the quality of the selection and evaluation of projects by developing materials that indicate problems in each operation, possibly accompanied by recommendations to improve procedures and schedules for evaluation and selection.


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The main services of the project include:

Proposal of expert independent evaluators;
Training of experts on the procedures and documents used in the evaluation process;
Technical and financial evaluation of projects;
Development of a draft request for clarification, asking clarifying and participation necessary to make visits to the site (if applicable);
Preparing proposals ranked list of applications are evaluated based on the evaluation grid for each of the operations launched;
Resolve any complaints;
Communication to the final beneficiaries of the results of the evaluation process;
Provide assistance to contracting;
Providing advice to the EIB staff by making recommendations for improving the methodology / criteria used to analyze applications and related technical documentation / internal working procedures and / or guidelines to assist the applicant and their implementation;
Ensuring sustainability of the project by organizing a presentation session at the end of the evaluation, containing the results obtained, problems encountered and recommendations that will lead to improved quality assessment and selection process;
Communication, Reporting and Management of the contract.