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  • Romania

  • Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the Agency of Payments for Rural Development and Fishing (APRDF)

  • National Rural Development Programme 2007 - 2013

  • 16.05.2011 - 16.12.2013

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Specific training sevices in the technical fields of the APRDF (Agency of Payments for Rural Development and Fishing) employees.

The overall objective of the contract is to increase institutional capacity of ARDRP for the implementation of PNDR. This is done by developing / strengthening professional knowledge in specialized technical fields APDRP and staff within the delegated bodies at central, regional and county for the proper performance of specific tasks and responsibilities.

With respect to the specific objectives, the contract involves organizing 60 training courses of 5 days each, with 1620 people in APDRP staff and delegated bodies at central, regional and county development / strengthening of specialized knowledge in technical areas (procurement, payment authorization, finding irregularities and recovery of debts; preventive financial control and accounting of payments performance, control and anti-fraud, evaluation, selection and contracting, monitoring, technique verification). The number of participants present in each course is of approximately 27 participants.


Tab 3

The main services of the project include:

• Work package 1 - primary phase of the project and prepare its implementation - Submission of the initial report; Analysis of documents / current situation; Selection, approval and mobilization of non-key experts; Launch Meeting (kick-off meeting);
• Work package 2 - Implementation of the project - Analysis of relevant information; Making reporting on Component 1; Organizing training courses; Establish training needs analysis; Developing courses; Evaluation of courses; Focus Group for recovery and potentiation Component 2 results; Making reports on Component 2;
• Work package 3 - Communicating and quality of project - Communicating the project; Quality Assurance Project;
• Work package 4 - Project monitoring and ensuring sustainability - Analysis and Risk Management for the period of its implementation; Develop consistent and accurate audit trail that, by implementing, will optimize the achievement of the strategic objectives.