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  • JV “Avensa Consulting” Ltd

  • Republic of Moldova

  • District Council of Falesti

  • Joint Operational Programme Romania – Ukraine – Republic of Moldova 2007-2013

  • 05/2014 – 08/2014

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Services for organization and implementation of visibility and promotion activities of the project “Increasing the activity of life safety in the valley of Prut river” – MIS-ETC 751

Project’s aim is to elaborate long-terms decisions to ecological problems, especially the ones that concern floods that occur along the river Prut in transboundary territory of Ukraine ( Novoselytsya district), Romania ( Botosani county) and Republic of Moldova (Falesti district) on a coordinated approach’s basis; increase of life safety, preparedness to emergency situations; collaboration between interested parties and cross-border partnership’s promotion.

Tab 3

The main services provided for:

LOT 1: Visibility and promotion activities of the project in newspapers and TV at national and local level.
LOT 2: Visibility and promotion activities of the project through internet sources on project results.