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  • Romania

  • Buzau Municipality

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 10.02.2009 - 03.02.2010

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Rehabilitation of the historical monument ”Marghiloman” (Albatros Villa, Marghiloman Park), in Buzau Municipality

General objective: Increase the attractiveness of the areas of leisure and cultural and tourism objectives, and improve quality of life for the community, tourists and investors by arranging public spaces for leisure and heritage objectives from the urban action, until 2015.

Specific objective: rehabilitating the historical monument “Ansamblul Conacului Marghiloman” by means of:

  • Rehabilitation works of Vila Albatros and adjacent land, including: restoring. connections inside the building, outdoor lighting – decorative lighting inside the building and for the construction, green spaces, urban furniture, highlighting monuments in order to renovate the villa.
  • Rehabilitation works of Marghiloman park.

Tab 3

Drafting the technical and economic documentation for the project for the purpose of accessing Axis 1 of POR.
Drafting the technical design, construction details, tender specifications and lists of quantities.
Drafting the documentation required to obtain permits and agreements.
Drafting the technical docmentation for obtaining the authorization (DTAC).
Drafting the technical docmentation for the organization of the execution of works (DTOE).
Checking the technical project in agreement with the legal requirements.