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  • SC AVENSA CONSULTING SRL - general contractor & SC ARHTECTURA-GRAFICA-DESIGN SRL - subcontractor

  • Romania

  • Suceava Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 07.04.2009 - 03.09.2009

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Rehabilitation of the central area of the municipality of Suceava by creating underground parking, pedestrian facilities and road rehabilitation


The general objective is the rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure and improvement of the urban services in Suceava city as to reduce disparities between less developed and developed areas of the city by means of accessibility and mobility in safe conditions and support the economic development in order to strengthen the development pole Suceava and to increase the attractiveness of the North-East Region, the quality of life and create new jobs.

Main function –┬ároad infrastructure:

  • creation of two underground parking with an area of 5,352 sqm;
  • rehabilitation of 13,375 sqm area for pedestrians and corresponding green areas;
  • rehabilitation of 8,170 sqm for streets and corresponding green areas;
  • efficiency of pedestrian and road traffic in the central area of the development pole, by creating and rehabilitating the objectives of intervention specific for pedestrian street and public transport infrastructure.

Tab 3

Providing assistance for the funding application;
Performing the related studies and expertise surveys;
Drafting the individual project, the feasibility study, the approval documentation for the intervention works.