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  • Romania

  • Buzau Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 07/2011 - 07/2015

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Rehabilitation of roads and transport stations in the Buzau Municipality

The overall objective

Overall Objectives:

  • General objective: Development of transport infrastructure in order to eliminate the barriers of accessibility to and within the area of urban action Mihai Viteazu – in the Buzau Municipality to reduce disparities that characterize this area compared with the rest of the city by 2015, also contribute to improving the attractiveness of Southeast region, increase quality of life and create new jobs.

Specific objective: rehabilitation of 9,500 meters of streets and arranging of 26 transport stations, in the Buzau Municipality – Central monitoring headquarters.

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Consulting services for the project "Rehabilitation of road network and transport stations in Buzau municipe urban action".
Activities under the contract:
➢ Achieving the monitoring of project activities:
==> Monitoring in terms of quantity and quality of the project with the observance and compliance with the project budget and its activities schedule;
==> Drafting of progress reports in accordance with the financier requirements;
==> Developing applications for pre-financing and reimbursement requests according to the financier requirements;
==> Ensuring compliance with the law and compliance of all activities and actions of the project;
==> Developing and updating the Project Implementation Plan after the discussions with project team members
==> Ensure collaboration with the project team in developing of all the activities and collaboration with all providers involved in the project in order to fulfill contractual duties
➢ Establishing and maintaining an audit trail, suitable for project activities and sub-activities
==> Choosing audit trails, suitable for project activities and sub-activities
==> Implementation of audit trails, suitable for project activities and sub-activities
➢ Providing legal assistance within the project.
==> Development of documents required by the Intermediate Body, the Managing Authority for Regional Operational Programme and by other bodies that will require data and information on the progress of the financing contract;
==> Participation in monitoring and verification visits made by the Intermediate Body / Managing Authority and / or other structures entrusted with control / verification / audit of the grants from the Structural Funds.
➢ Ensuring the quality of documents
==> Projecting a workflow to ensure the design of all documents related to the project financed from POR;
==> Implementing the set workflow
➢ Project Management
==> Establishing the responsibilities for each team member;
==> Implementing a monitoring tool for beneficiary of the project.