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  • Romania

  • Vaslui Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • FS: 10.12.2008 - 28.03.2009; TP: 12.10.2009-12.11.2009

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Rehabilitation of central pedestrian area and architectural lighting in Vaslui Municipality

General objective: Rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure of the city Vaslui by implementing environmentally friendly mobility solutions at the level of road and cycling transport in the urban action area of Vaslui city until 2015, thereby improving the attractiveness of the North-East region, the quality of life and the creation of new jobs.

Specific objective: rehabilitation of the pedestrian for leisure and socializing in the urban action area of Vaslui city, during 18 months, as follows:

Rehabilitation of pedestrian surfaces:

  • Sector 1: Civic Square;
  • Sector 2: Ing. Badea Romeo pedestrian street;
  • Sector 3: Nicolae Balcescu street and parking;
  • Sector 4: Independence Square;
  • Sector 5: the street next to the building of Vaslui City Hall;
  • Sector 6: Nicolae Balcescu Street;
  • Sector 7: Youth Park.

Rehabilitation of architectural lighting: Hall, Independence Square, Independence Monument, Civic Square, Pedestrian connection, Youth Park, Court of Vaslui, “Stefan cel Mare” Vaslui County Museum, Vaslui County Police Inspectorate, Administrative Palace, “Constantin Tanase” House of Culture, Romtelecom building, Children’s Palace, National Bank’s former building (headquarters of Transilvania Bank, Vaslui branch), Army House.
On a functional level, it is proposed the preservation of the original design and vertical systematization conformation. Solutions will be adopted to facilitate traffic for disabled people by setting a ramp of 8% maximum slope.

Fountains will be rehabilitated to be restored to service. There will be a total of 4 fountains.
The proper rehabilitation works for pedestrians consist of etching the existing layer at a depth of maximum 1 m without affecting urban networks and existing utilities in the area. It will be maintained the current configuration of vertical systematization. When carrying out excavation works, there will be also taken into consideration the supporting elements built on land (pots, fountains) where appropriate. During the work execution, there will be ensured a temporary access through scaffolding and wooden platforms that would permit access to buildings in the neighbouring. For the execution of pedestrian areas, there must exist a drainage system connected to the existing sewer system. There will be an underground complex of pipes for electricity, lighting and phone in the perimeter of the entire pedestrian area, regarding the streets involved.


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Ensuring consultancy services, economical and technical, for the funding documentation corresponding to the individual project for  accessing the Regional Operational Programme  - Axis 1.
Drafting the economic and technical documentation (technical project, including certified checks on specialties, specifications, construction details, approvals, DTAC);
Performing investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, energy audit;
Ensuring technical support during the performance of work until the final acceptance report.