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  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

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Rehabilitation of a building and change of its destination with the purpose of transforming it into a social center in Botosani Municipality

The overall objective is the rehabilitation of urban infrastructure in the city of Botosani, by making a plan to reuse a damaged building, rearranging itĀ  for new types of social activities, thus helping to eliminate the social imbalances by developing social services to ensure social equity.

The specific objective is to rehabilitateĀ  a damaged building from Tineretului Street no. 4. with a total area of 689.2 square meters, in Botosani city, and change its destination with the purpose to serve as a Care Centre for children in social risk situations within 24 months.

Main function: road infrastructure.

  • degraded building renovated through the project;
  • rehabilitated area: 689.2 sqm;
  • 1 accredited day centre for social services;
  • independent equipment purchased: 284.

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Drafting the feasability study/the approval documentation for intervention works, including the cost-benefit analysis and other studies and expertise surveys.