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  • Romania

  • Pascani Municipality

  • Structural Funds POR 2007-201

  • 04.02.2009 - 31.03.2009

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Rehabilitation, modernization and supplying specific equipment to the Social Centre for Child Protection in Pascani Municipality


The overall objective is to improve the quality of social services infrastructure in Pascani and enhance these services to European standards through the development of public interventions to solve community problems in the urban action, by 2015, creating equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups.                                                                                                                                                                                                    The specific objective of the project is the implementation of community interventions for the development of investment in the urban action through rehabilitation, modernization and equipping with specific items the “Sadoveanu” Child Protection Centre in Pascani for a period of 21 months as follows:

  1. Reusing the existing centre and restoring the interior finishing details (built area: 566,20 square meters, developed area: 1672,60 square meters, height regimee: S+P+1E+M).
  2. Structural rehabilitation of the building.
  3. Thermal rehabilitation of the building and rebuilding exterior finishing details.
  4. Building internal heating system, the plumbing and electrical installations..
  5. Provide 431 specific equipment to  “Sadoveanu” placement cente in Pascani city.

Tab 3

The main activities of project provided:

Drafting the funding file.
Preparing the documentation for the approval of intervention works with technical studies, expertise and energetic audit.