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  • Romania

  • Structural Funds

  • Moreni Municipality

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Rehabilitation and modernization of “Recovering and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People Țuicani” Moreni Municipality

The general objective is to improve the quality of social services infrastructure in Moreni city and align these services at European standards by implementing social interventions for disadvantaged groups in Moreni city until 2015.

The specific objective of the project is to implement social services for disabled people in Moreni city by rehabilitating and modernizing ” Tuicani Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People”, Moreni city, during 19 months, as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of the existing centre (“Pavilion 2” building) and restoration of the interior finishes (the built area of the existing building of 366.0 sqm, the developed area of the existing building of 732.0 sqm, usable ground floor area of 282.9 sqm, usable floor area = 282.9 m);
  • Modernization of sanitary water supply and domestic sewerage installations and electrical installations for lighting and sockets;
  • Thermal rehabilitation of the building and restoration of exterior finishes
  • Endowment with 13 specific equipments of the “Tuicani Recovery and Rehabilitation Centre for Disabled People” in Moreni city.
  • Restore the entire interior finishes with high quality materials that meet the new technical and aesthetic requirements.
  • Dissolution and replacement of existing interior joinery with another one, superior in terms of quality. Restoration of all upper floors with others according the standards in force. Restoration of balustrades both for stairs and interior and exterior ramps. The exterior joinery will be replaced with PVC joinery of thermoplastics-glass type. Restoration of the exterior finishes.
  • The entire insulation of the building will be achieved at the level of the façade with polystyrene of 10 cm, thermal system with white paint. Restoration of  the main and secondary entrance for an easy access for people with disabilities and barrows. Restoration of the degraded wooden framework; the degraded plate roof covering will be replaced with another one superior in terms of quality, providing also 10 cm fireproof insulation at the level of wooden structure. Halls will be equipped with handrails of h = 70 cm to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities. The creation of a new exterior metal stairs for the back façade of buildings will also be proposed, thus achieving a second way of evacuation, as well as the endowment with an elevator located on the front back façade. Rebuilding of all ramps to facilitate access to people with disabilities to the upper floor.

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Drafting the funding file with all the necessary approvals.
Preparing the documentation for the approval of the intervention works.
Drafting the Economic and technical documentation (technical project, including certified checks on specialties, specifications, construction details, approvals, DTAC);
Performing investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, energy audit;
Ensuring technical support during the performance of work until the final acceptance report.