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  • Romania

  • Flămânzi City Council

  • Sectoral Operational Programme

  • 23.01.2009 - 27.03.2009

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Rehabilitating the infrastructure of roads and bridges and designing bus stations in Flamanzi City.

The overall objective of the project is the development of transport infrastructure in order to ensure accessibility and mobility conditions and increase the citizens’ safety to support the economic growth of Flamanzi city through rehabilitation of roads and bridges and redevelopment of bus stations . The specific objective of the project is to rehabilitate roads and bridges, and build 14 bus stations in Flamanzi, Botosani by means of:

  • Rehabilitation of 9 streets with a total length of 10,780 m, with the specific parameters: the carriageway 5.50 m by 0.75 m shoulders; sansuri pears with 1.20 m width, as follows:
    • Str. Tarna with L = 1599 m – main street, over flow on 3 major streets of the city on the European road E58 direction which crosses the city;
    • Str. 1907 L = 1568 m – main street was a county road, taking the inner city flow onTarna – E58;
    • Str. Pusnei with L = 768 m – over the direction taking the inner city flow onTarna – E58;
    • Str. Turbidity with L = 944 m – main street of the city taking over the city flow towards European road E58;
    • Str. Glade L = 1119 m – continued Str. Gender. Cucu;
    • Str. Uriceni with L = 856 m – connects two main streets of the city, leading to the E58 traffic flow in the street. Tarna and Str. Nicolae Iorga;
    • Str. Hospital with L = 1265 m – main street, is directly related to city – E58;
    • Str. George Guja with L = 978 m – main street, is directly related to city – E58;
    • Str. Octav Bancila with L = 1683 m – direct connection city – E58, the road from the ground;
  • Rehabilitation of pavements on Street 1907 (main street that connects the European road E58) with the following
    • Total area S = 4255 m;
    • Length of 2120 m;
    • Width between 1 m and 1.25 m;
  • Rehabilitation of two new bridges over the river opening 9 m over Tulburea river.
    • 1 Bridge on Str. Uriceni at km 0 850;
    • 1 Bridge on Str. Bancila Octav at km 1 170;
  • Creation of 14 new bus stations for public transportation.

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Application form (application with attachments) in accordance with the Guidelines for the preparation of socio-economic analyses and studies necessary to substantiate the request for funding in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the grant program, and assistance to the Contracting Authority for the implementation in order to provide supporting documents and attach it to the application form (property documents, legal documents, resumes, resolutions, certificates, approvals, authorizations, etc.). Preparing the feasibility study, including economic and financial analysis (cost-benefit analysis, the economic part of the feasibility study) and feasibility studies, such as PUD, PUZ, technical expertise, traffic study, documentation for obtaining approvals, including geotechnical , topographical studies, etc.