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  • Romania

  • National Authority for Tourism

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 28.08.2013 28.12.2014

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Purchase evaluation services in terms of technical and financial applications submitted under Priority Axis 5 / DMI 5.3

General Objective:

  • The overall objectiveof the projectthat is the subjectof this contractis to supportcentral and regionalinstitutionsinvolved in the managementand implementation ofthe Regional Operational Programme, themanagementof the fundsallocatedunder the ROP2007 – 2013, by fundingprojects thatmeet the objectives of
  • The purposeof this contractis to supportthe IBTourism-TourismDepartmentManagement of Community Fundsby providingspecialized expertisein this regard,to assess the feasibility, appropriateness andthe extent to whichapplications submittedunder Priority Axis5ROPresponsive andobjectives of this programto concludesustainablefinancing contractsto be financedbythe Regional Operational Programme2007-2013.


  • Evaluationoftechnicallyand financially, a number 250funding applicationsfor projects submittedunder Priority Axis5ROP2007-2013andassociated technicaldocumentation(asthey are disclosed inApplicant’s Guide,published oninforegio. ro, priority 5/ Domainof intervention 5.3Promoting tourism potential andcreating the necessary infrastructurein order to increaseRomania’s attractivenessas a tourist destination).

Providing technical and economic-financial analysis of funding requests at the express request of the IB Tourism for a total of 100 technical projects.

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The main services of the project provided:
• evaluation of technical, economic and financial applications for funding and technical documentation of project proposals submitted for funding under Priority Axis 5 ROP 2007-2013.
• Technical analysis conducted by an independent technical expert.
• Provide technical reviews on appeals filed by applicants for funding on the technical, economic and financial evaluation;
• Provide technical and financial and economic analysis on the application.