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  • Romania

  • Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment

  • State Budget, Sectorial Operational Program - Increasing Economic Competiveness Technical Assistance Axe 2007-2013

  • 20.09.2011 - 31.07.2014

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Organizing the campaign of seminars, roundtables, workshops, in order to increase the level of training for the beneficiaries of the grant contracts and for their consultants  in the operations managed by the Intermediary Body for SMEs. – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Business Environment – SMEs IB

The overall objective of the project: accurate, complete and timely information for  public and the potential beneficiaries of the financial assistance grants provided through Priority Axis 1 of the Sectoral Operational Programme. Increase of the Economic Competitiveness key areas of intervention 1.1 and 1.3

Direct results:

  • Concept awareness campaign (press and radio ads, campaign materials – brochures, ki’s conference, video editing, banners) and their achievement
  • Organizing information events on the SPOS CCE – Priority Axis 1: 13, regional conferences and 43 seminars organized locally
  • Statistics of the organized events and activities within the project
  • Research study – evaluating the impact of information and advertising campaign.


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The main services of the project include:

Campaign concept creation (including materials relating thereto);
Campaign related materials (flyers, brochures, posters, kits for conferences / seminars, banners, etc.);
Publishing and broadcasting radio spots and ads in the media;
Organizing information events in the form of seminars and conferences (concept creation event, attracting the target group participants, organizing event location, event evaluation);
Campaign Impact Assessment (Organizing 1 focus - group at the beginning of the campaign and at the end of the campaign, Organizing one omnibus quantitative study (1200 respondents) to the general public before and after the campaign, organizing one quantitative study for potential beneficiaries (500 respondents), before and after the campaign.
Ensuring communication within the contract;
Contract Management and Reporting.