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  • Romania

  • Moinesti Municipal Emergency Hospital

  • Structural funds

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Modernizing the Integrated Ambulatory Unit of the Municipal Emergency Hospital in Moinesti

The specific objectives are upgrading, modernizing and equipping the integrated Ambulatory of the Municipal Hospital Ambulatory Emergency Moinesti as follows:

  • Modernization of the ground floor area exclusively for theĀ  Ambulatory sector at this level – 572.47 m: Hall (waiting room), toilets, medical offices (endoscopy, orthodpedy, nephrology), annexes (file, warehouse, laboratory harvest statistics ambulatory) , PRM laboratory, pathology anatomy laboratory, Radiology and Medical Imaging laboratory.
  • Modernization of the 1st floor, exclusively the surface of the Ambulatory at this level – 441.51 m: hall (waiting room), toilets, medical (internal, pediatrics, gynecology, ophthalmology, urology, psychiatry, neurlogy, ENT), annexes (Cashery , warehouse).
  • Purchase of 266 equipment: 177 items of medical equipment and 89 pieces of furniture for the specific health services, which are new and performant that will be used in the medical practices and related areas of the integrated ambulatory.

Tab 3

Drafting a feasibility study;
Performing the investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, energy audit;
Achieving cost-benefit analysis related to theĀ  investment;
Undertake technical design, construction details and specifications;
Obtaining approvals, authorizations.