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  • S.C. Avensa Consulting S.R.L.

  • Romania


  • ERDF Regional Operational Programme, Priority Axis 1

  • 08/2012- 09/2013

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Modernization of the Multifunctional Day Social Centre for elderly’’ Borsa, County Maramures

The overall objective of the project is the improvement of social services designed to support normalization of life of older people and increase thier quality of life.

The specific objective is the modernization of the Social Center of the elderly, center located in Borsa, Str. Strandului, Nr. 36, for providing higher quality services

The final results that are intended to be obtained at the completion of the implementation of the project

  • Modernized home for elderly

Objectives of inventory purchased: 11 beds, 20 bedside tables, 27 tables (cafeteria + multifunctional), 5 tables instruments, five tables printer, 85 chairs, 15 office chairs, 4 office meals, 3 tables Office (including space for computer) 15 archive boxes locker room two boxes, 46 pegs, 2 pcs. Covers, curtains support 70 meters, two cork panels, special disabled 13 beds, kitchen cabinet, wall cabinets, 2 pcs. Information panels, 3 pcs Sideboards dining room, 10 computers, 1 screen protection, five printers, one sound system, two video projectors, 3 pcs. Magnetic flip chart, 48 pcs bed linen, equipment kitchen (40 sets plates, 5 sets cutlery, two racks, stainless steel, one freezer, four refrigerators, 1 Hood, 2 sets of cooking dishes, 10 sets accessories tables, one washing machine, one cooker electric, one Rack Wood) 5 sets Accessories for bathrooms for the disabled, two sets garden tools, lawn mowers 1 car), 70 m curtains.

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Consultancy services for project management within the project
Activity 1: Monitoring contracts with third parties in the project
Subtask 1.1: Inclusion in the progress reports the results of quantitative and qualitative execution of contracts with third parties and comparing them with those set out in the Application Form
Subtask 1.2: Inclusion in the progress reports the corrective measures proposed by the provider, in the event of unforeseen circumstances the execution of contracts with third parties, which may endanger the implementation of the project in the conditions stipulated in the grant agreement

Activity 2: Drafting and sending to the beneficiary requests for pre-financing / reimbursement, in accordance with the timetable set in the financing contract
Subtask 2.1: Assistance in preparing applications for pre-financing and reimbursement

Activity 3: Drafting and submission to the Beneficiary the monthly/quarterly progress reports
Subtask 3.1: Elaborating progress reports

Activity 4: Providing specialized assistance (economic, technical, legal)
Subtask 4.1: Economic, technical, legal assistance during the implementation of the project

Activity 5: Preparing documents required by the implementation procedures
Subtask 5.1: Preparing documents required by the implementation procedures