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  • Romania


  • Structural Funds

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Modernization of the command cabins for fields III and IV and of the pipeline networks of control and probe cabins, Ocnele Mari Salt Mine,SNS SALROM

The specific objectives are

  1. Ensure the consolidation and development of extraction and exploitation of rock salt in solution, in the probes fields III and IV Ocnele by upgrading pump stations / booths command and hydraulic transport networks dissolving agent and brine saturated which will reduce operating costs and increase productivity for probes extracting salt in solution;
  2. Increase energy efficiency by implementing a technological solution to introducing modern management by inserting dissolved agent in wells and deliver brine to industrial customers in the chemical (Rm OLTCHIM SC,SA GOVORA chemical plants).

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The grant application including all attachments.
The cost-benefit related analysis corresponding to the investment.