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  • Romania

  • Suceava Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Modernization of public lighting on the main artery of Suceava Municipality

The specific objective of the project is the modernization of public lighting on the main streets –  1 Decembrie 1918 Avenue (road section:  Sofia Vicoveanca Avenue –  Calea Obcinilor),   1 Mai Avenue (road section: Calea Obcinilor  –  Marasesti Street),  Stefan cel Mare Street (road section:  Marasesti Street –  Stefan Dracinski Street ),  Ana Ipatescu Avenue (road section:  Stefan Dracinski Street –  Cernauti Street), Calea Unirii (  Cernauti Street Section –  Calea Burdujeni Street),  Calea Burdujeni Street (road section: Calea Unirii –  Cuza Voda Street),  Cuza Voda Street (road section: exit from Burdujeni Street) – of Suceava, within 14 months, as follows:

  • Construction of underground transmission lines to supply lighting;
  • Installation of modern lighting equipment on new poles through metal brackets;
  • Realization of electrical connections and supply columns;
  • Connection of the new plants to the ground;
  • Realization of ignition control of the new lighting system.

Tab 3

Providing assistance for the funding application;
Performing the related studies and expertise surveys;
Drafting the individual project, the feasibility study, the approval documentation for the  intervention works.