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  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Modernization and rehabilitation of pedestrian and roadway area and of the architectural lighting in Botosani Municipality

General objective: The urban infrastructure rehabilitation from Botosani, thus contributing to improving the attractiveness of the North-East Region,  increasing the quality of life, creating jobs, increasing the attractiveness of public spaces in the urban action among citizens of the city Botosani and creating conditions for pedestrian and traffic accessibility and mobility in the area represented by the urban action of city Botosani.

Specific objective: modernization and rehabilitation of roads and pedestrian access and architectural lighting in the city of Botosani, within 23 months.

Main function: road infrastructure.

Arranging in Piata Centrala area of a 2 levels parking space, with 168 seats – 99 underground parking spaces and 69 above-ground parking spaces;

  • rehabilitation of existing fountains  on Unirii Pedestrian Market;
  • rehabilitation of green areas and planting/replanting of vegetation;
  • architectural lighting on Pietonal Transilvaniei, Piaţa Centrală, Piaţa Revoluţiei, Pietonal Bancar, Pietonal Unirii,  “A.T. Laurian” Highschool.

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Drafting the feasability study/the approval documentation for intervention works, including the cost-benefit analysis and other studies and expertise surveys.