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  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Modernization and rehabilitation of parks and green spaces and modernization of the related ornamental lighting in Botosani Municipality

The overall objective is: to rehabilitate and modernize parks, green spaces and ornamental lighting with the purpose of improving and modernize their living conditions, contributing to the development and attractiveness of public spaces in the urban action, among citizens in the municipality Botosani.

The specific objectives are: to rehabilitate and modernize parks and green spaces ( Suceava Park – 4715.00 sq.m., Tineretului Park – 3078.00 sq.m., Hall Park – 5210.00 sq.m., -16 Youth Park. 988.00 sqm) and the ornamental lighting for (Suceava Park – Park, Junior Park, Hall Park,  Tineretului Park,  Mihai Eminescu Park) within 29 months.

  • 4 rehabilitated and modernized parks;
  • 5 parks and ornamental illuminated green spaces;
  • total rehabilitated and modernized green spaces: 18822.35 sqm;
  • 1017 proposed ornamental trees and shrubs;
  • decorative gravel area: 766.5 sqm.

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Drafting the feasability study/the approval documentation for intervention works, including the cost-benefit analysis and other studies and expertise surveys.