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  • Romania

  • Moinesti Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Modernization and Design of Bai Park in Moinesti Municipality

Overall Objective: rehabilitation and development of green areas in Moinesti in order to increase the comfort of citizens and eliminate the accessibility disparities, thereby improving the attractiveness of the North-Eastern area, increasing the quality of life and creating new jobs.

Specific objective: increasing the comfort of the citizens by modernizing the Bai Park in with a surface of 3.84 ha, by rehabilitating the following areas:

  • Area I – “PLATOUL VERDE”- with a surface of 7.292,13 mp
  • Area II – “IZVOARE” – with a surface of 3.455,73 mp
  • Area III – “ALEEA INDRAGOSTITILOR”- with a surface of 2.241,78 mp,
  • Area IV – “RECREATIVA” – with a surface of 12.473,47 mp
  • Area V – “VALEA  GAZULUI”- with a surface of 13.014,57 mp

Objective: Bulding alleys, into and out of the park, planning the existing pavilions, landscaping the water streams, the existing water basin, building a playground for children, bike and rollers tracks, installing benches, tables and bins, planting new plant species in the park, building walkways, river banks, walls with gabions and installing night lighting in the park.

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Elaborate funding requests and paperwork.
Draft the technical and economic paperwork (feasability studies/ paperwork certifying the intervention works, including the economic-financial analysis.
Drafting the funding files.
Drafting the Economic and technical documentation (technical project, including certified checks on specialties, specifications, construction details, approvals, DTAC);
Performing investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, energy audit;
Ensuring technical support during the performance of work until the final acceptance report.