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  • Romania

  • Pitesti Municipality

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 01/2014 - 06/2016

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Management services for the project “Urban Project – Urban Infrastructure Rehabilitation in Pitesti City”

The overall objective of the project: the project is the modernization and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure in Pitesti, Arges, by increasing accessibility, improving public transport and ensuring good traffic conditions in order to develop integrated urban settlements of the increased number of work and quality of life in the urban development of the pole, and also contributing to the strengthening of its position in the system competitive and territorial attractiveness local, regional, national and European level.

Specific objective: The project consists of the rehabilitation of urban infrastructure in Pitesti on an area of 35.58 ha Intervention Central Zone representative – with the five subareas identified Bucharest area – with the 14 subareas identified Teilor area – Marasesti with 5 subareas identified and Exerciutiu area – with the 14 subareas identified in the course of 25 months, with the following implications:

  • Pitestilevelby achieving aconsistentbestservicesand functionsinherentin the distribution ofprimary and secondaryurbanization-andformedcoherentspatialnetworksmobilityand accessibilitybetween differentareasandexpansion andthe interconnectionbetweenecological networks;
  • at the siteby improving andstreamliningthe circulationofnetworkslinkinglocalneighborhoods andproximitytoremoteareasof 250m, and by creatingcoherenceandharmonizationbetweenurbanfunctionsand servicesin the area (primary and secondary) observingnetworks andensuringaccessibility andmobility;
  • SUBAREASlevelby improvingthe mobilityand improvingthe environmentalqualityofurbanareasas a result offunctional zoningofspaces andtheir properdelimitationinlandscaping,pedestriancirculation, movementauto, habitationplaygrounds,recreationalspaces; improveappearanceand rehabilitationof green spaces;
  • Approvalsarrangementandspacefor recreationandplaygroundsfor children;

Dalat restoration surfaces / paved for parking spaces highlighting, pedestrians, car, and bicycle in a coherent course; reorganizaroo and proper arrangement of space to store garbage, respecting environmental standards; ensuring architectural lighting where appropriate.

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The main activities of project provided by our company:
• monitoring the performance of public procurement stages;
• documentation of public procurement in accordance with the procedures in force
• multiplication of public procurement cases to be submitted to the institution financing
• providing financing institution interface experts
• Interim and final reporting
• preparation of reimbursement requests
• assisting the beneficiary at the time of field visits following submission of reimbursement claims
• assistance for technical support documents for the part of the project to implement
• assistance for supporting documents related financial side of the project implemented
• assisting at the time of contracting, payments and at the time of realization of the project
• activities in accordance with procedures and recommendations financing institution and in
• accordance with the issues raised in the documents related to the investment
• guidance in getting results beneficiary who proposed them in documentation related to the investment
• tehnicasi administrative assistance during the implementation of the contract
• advice on financial and technical difficulties related to the financing contract