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  • Romania

  • Suceava Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Management consulting services for the project “Rehabilitation of the central area of Suceava municipality by creating underground parking, pedestrian and street rehabilitation”

The project’s general objective is represented by the rehabilitation of urban infrastructure and enhancement of urban services in Suceava city with the purpose of diminishing the disparities between  well developed and underdeveloped areas of the city, by improving accesibility and mobility and supporting the economic growth of  the city Suceava  as a development center for the North-Eastern Region, increasing the quality of living and creating new work places.

Main function: road infrastructure.

  • the creation of two underground parking lots with a combined surface of 5.352 sq. Meters;
  • the rehabilitation of 13.375 sq. m of pedestrian areas and adjacent green spaces;
  • the rehabilitation of 8.170 sq.m of road and adjacent green spaces;
  • the optimization of pedestrian and road traffic in the central area of the development pole by creating and rehabilitating the intervention objectives specific to the road, pedestrian and public transport infrastructures.

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Management consulting services .