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  • Romania

  • Suceava Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Management consulting services for the project “Modernization of public lighting on the main artery of Suceava Municipality”

The project’s specific objective is represented by the modernization of public lighting on the main artery – 1 Decembrie 1918 boulevard (Sofia Vicoveanca boulevard – Calea Obcinilor section), 1 Mai boulevard (Calea Obcinilor – Marasesti street section), Stefan cel Mare street (Marasesti street – Stefan Dracinski street section), Ana Ipatescu boulevard (Stefan Dracinski street – Cernauti street section), Calea Unirii (Cernauti street – Calea Burdujeni street section), Calea Burdujeni street ( Calea Unirii – Cuza Voda street section), Cuza Voda street (end of Burdujeni street section) – in Suceava city, over a period of 14 months, by performing the following:

  • the construction of a underground electrical line for the public lighting grid;
  • the installation of modern illumination hardware on new poles by using metallic consoles;
  • establishing electrical connections and supply columns;
  • grounding the new electrical grid;
  • implementing the turn-on switch of the new public lighting system.

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Management consulting services .