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  • Romania

  • TB Hospital, Botosani

  • Structural Funds

Tab 2

Management consulting services for the project “Implementation of an integrated e-health system to facilitate citizens’ access to quality services and processing and exchange of medical information.”, The TB Hospital, Botosani

The main goal of the project is the implementation of systems, services and facilities for e-health, as an alternative to the services provided by the TB Hospital in Botosani, with the purpose to provide quality healthcare services.

  • Offering on-line public healthcare services for citizens, healtcare authorities and specialised staff;
  • Optimization of the hospital’s internal activities that make up the healthcare services, using TIC-specific means;
  • Improving the relationships between staff and patients/citizens, as well as optimizing information exchange via an inter-professional collaboration process;
  • Shortening the hospital stay time and thus increasing per year, the number of patients the hospital can take care of;
  • Improving the general health state of the population of Botoşani county by limiting the spread of tuberculosis.
  • The debureaucratization of the administrative act at the hospital level.

Tab 3

Management consulting services for the project