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  • Romania

  • Iasi Municipality

  • The Regional Operational Programme Structural Funds POR 2007 - 2013

  • 07/2011 – 08.2014

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Management consulting services for the implementation of the project “Regional Technology Center”

The overall objective:

Management consulting services for the implementation of the project “Regional Technology Center”

Specific objectives:

THE PROJECT’S GENERAL OBJECTIVE consists of the increase of economic competitivity by accelerating the implemenation of innovation and technology. THE PROJECT’S SPECIFIC OBJECTIVE consists of building a support structure for businesses, representing the research-industry interface of the prioritary North Eastern Region development area, namely industrial production.

The center will provide the following services:

  • Rental services for offices and research and technology transfer areas
  • Rental services spaces for practical applications of companies from branches components of the priority development areas of North Eastern Region (agriculture, electronics, energy, machine building and tools – from industrial production, food industry, wood industry and pharmaceutical industry) and development companies which support components of the priority branches of development of North Eastern Region;
  • Rental services for specialized laboratories for testing;
  • Consulting services.

Benefits of the project:

  • Assistance in specialized recruitment at high-level for research and education;
  • Specialized training for research,
  • Simulation for researchers, students and academic staff,
  • Organization and assistance in organization of scientific events (symposiums, conferences, etc.)
  • Providing the promotion of the services for hosted firms by attending in fairs, exhibitions, etc.

The main project results:

  • 1 extensive business structure comprising a total of 28 offices, 6 offices and spaces for technological transfer;
  • Approximately 100 sqm office areas for human resources and technological transfer;
  • Approximately 95 square meters representing surfaces and spaces for technological transfer;

4785 sqm representing built surface.

Tab 3

Management consulting services for the implementation of the project "Regional Technology Center":
- Assistance for Beneficiary in elaboration of progress reports;
- Attending the site visits;
- Assistance in drawing up the schedule for submission of repayment claims;
- Assistance in preparing applications for pre-financing and repayment;
- Assistance in preparing the notifications concerning submission of applications for pre-financing / repayment for next quarter;
- Assistance in planning the activities using established methodologies of project management: Chart WBS (Work Breakdown Structures), critical path method;
- Assistance in carrying out procurement procedures, including the fulfillment of the contract;
- Assistance in preparing applications for pre-financing and repayment;
- Evaluation of project implementation:
• Performance evaluation (in terms of efficiency and economy) - if project activities were within the budget, and if there were savings that can be allocated to other budget lines;
• Process evaluation - if the activities were within the timeline proposed, calculation of specific indicators of project management (BCWS - the estimated costs of the work program; BCWP - estimated costs of works executed, ACWP - the real costs of the works executed, CPI - index cost - performance ECAC - estimated costs to completion, CTC - estimated costs of completion);
• Impact analysis (in terms of effectiveness) - the achievement of the indicators proposed in the project.
- Assistance in identifying, assessing and managing risks occured during the project;
- Applying of the controlling loop during the project respecting the four stages:
• SMART fixing of implementation objectives;
• Planning, identification of milestones and execution of the activities;
• Supervising the activity;
• Taking action based on monitoring.