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  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Local Development Strategy of Botosani Municipality

The objective of the contract was to provide consultancy services for the elaboration of the Local Development Strategy of Botoșani Municipality for the years 2007 – 2015. More specifically, according to the services requested in this regard, we provided:

  • Identification of problems and needs at the Municipality’s level;
  • Elaboration of market studies on citizens level;
  • Elaboration of preliminary and sectorial studies (for 4 domains identified: Urban development and transport infrastructure; Environment and energy; Economy; Human resources);
  • Development of action plans (for 4 domains identified: Urban development and transport infrastructure, Environment and energy, Economy,Human resources);
  • Development of vision and major direction of action;
  • Organization of special events and of communication and visibility campaigns (4 focus groups on sectorial domains, 1 focus group with stakeholders, 1 event on sustaining the document in accordance with the environmental procedures and laws; 1 event consisting in public consultation for the final form of the document); 
  • Identification of projects and elaboration of project sheets  (for 4 domains identified: Urban development and transport infrastructure, Environment and energy; Economy, Human resources);
  • Assistance in the creation of the institutional framework for the implementation of the local development strategy.

Tab 3

social and economic studies and development strategies;
integrated urban development plans;
urban and infrastructure planning;
urban development in the central / historical areas;
urban regeneration and reconversion;
terittorial planning;
financial schemes;
public consultations;