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  • Romania

  • Pascani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated Urban Development Plan of Pascani Municipality

The overall objective of IUDP is to ensure optimum accessibility and mobility to the”valley area” of Pascani, both for the residents of this area, in order to ensure mobility within the area and access to the rest of the city, and for the citizens of the rest of the city, in order to facilitate the access to green areas and to the economic zones of the city, located in the valley area.

The IUDP specific objectives are:

O1: Enhancing the effectiveness of conditions and reducing the accessibility and interconnectivity disparities between the valley and the hill of Pascani until 2015.

O2: Rehabilitation and development of green areas in the urban action until 2015.

O3: Develop public interventions in order to solve community problems in the urban action until 2015, by creating equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups and preventing crime.

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Achieving the Integrated Urban Development PlanĀ  of Pascani municipality according to the Funding Guidelines Axis 1.1 of the Regional Operational Programme.