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  • AVENSA CONSULTING - leader; TRN Ingeniería, S.A. - partner

  • Romania

  • Vaslui Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated Urban Development Plan (IUDP) of Vaslui Municipality

The general objective of IUDP (Integrated Urban Development Plan ) is to implement the concept of “ecological transport backbone” of the city for a better quality of life through accessibility, mobility and increased security of citizens. The secondary objective of IUDP is to reduce disparities and to ensure accessibility and mobility between deprived areas and the central line of the city. The specific objectives of IUDP are:

O1: Implementation of environmentally friendly mobility solutions in the public, pedestrian and cycling transport in the urban action until 2015.

O2: Improvement of life conditions as “healthy” at the level of the urban action area for the community and investors until 2015.

O3: Develop public interventions in communitarian problem solving in the urban action until 2015.

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Ensuring consultancy srvices for the Integrated Urban Development Plan  as well as  the funding documentation corresponding to individual projects for  accessing the Regional Operational Programme  - Axis 1

Realising the Local Development Strategy of Vaslui Municipality.