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  • Romania

  • Botosani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated Urban Development Plan in Botosani Municipality

The general objective of IUDP (Integrated Urban Development Plan ) is to improve the living conditions for citizens in Botosani city by transforming the maximum traffic area of Botosani city in space for promenade and leisure.

The specific objectives of IUDP are:

• Increase quality of life conditions and attractiveness of public spaces in the urban action among citizens from Botosani city until 2015.

• Creating conditions for pedestrian and road accessibility and mobility in the area of highest traffic represented by the urban action area, until 2015, through creation and rehabilitation of urban infrastructure objectives.

• Elimination of disparities at a social level and interventions concerning citizen safety  in the urban action zone until 2015, by developing social services in order to ensure social equity and prevention of crime.

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Drafting the Integrated Urban Development Plan  according to  the funding guidelines for Axis 1.1 of POR.