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  • Romania

  • Moinesti Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated Urban Development Plan for Moinesti Municipality

The overall objective of IUDP is to create modern conditions for citizens, enhancing their mobility and leisure conditions by means of sustainable exploitation of natural resourcesĀ  (petrol, mineral water, tourism) in Moinesti . The specific objectives of IUDP are:

O1: Upgrade road and pedestrian mobility in order to improve human, administrative and business connectivity in Moinesti by 2015.

O2: Rehabilitation and development of the green areas in Moinesti until 2015.

O3: Implementation of social interventions for disadvantaged groups and increase citizen safety in Moinesti until 2015.

Tab 3

Achievement of the Integrated Urban Development PlanĀ  of Moinesti Municipality according to the Funding Guidelines Axis 1.1 of the Regional Operational Programme.