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  • Romania

  • Ipatele

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated project with the following investment actions: Modernization of  DS 440 and DS 111 village roads, in the village Ipatele; rehabilitation of Bâcu community center; building a sports field in the village Bacu; designing green spaces and children’s play park in the village Ipatele; building bus stations in the villages Cuza-Voda, Ipatele and Bâcu; development of sewerage networks and wastewater treatment household in the villages Ipatele, Cuza-Voda and Bâcu; purchasing snow removal equipment for the village Ipatele, Iasi county.

Integrated project aimed to directly improve the quality of life in the village Ipatele, Iasi, by creating essential objectives that will help everyone to improve the living standards, and the economic development of the town as a whole, and the entire North East region by means of:

  • Modernization of village roads DS 440 and DS 111, with a total length of 1300 m;
  • Rehabilitation of the cultural center ,, Bâcu, in the village Ipatele, which was in an advanced state of decay, currently rehabilitated in a percentage of  70%.                                               – Building three bus stations in the villages Cuza-Voda, Ipatele and Bâcu.
  • Building a sports field, for children and teachers, including lockers, restrooms, storages for the the sporting equipment, office administrator, central heating.
  • Designing a greenspace and a park for children in the village Ipatele.
  • Designing a centralized sewerage system consists of the public sewerage. network of wastewater in the villages Ipatele, Cuza-Voda and Bâcu.
  • Purchasing a snow removal machine that will allow the cleaning of snowy winter roads and traffic facilitation.
  • Purchasing national costumes, musical instruments and sound systems and lighting for the village band Şuptica in Cosula.

Tab 3

Performing field and feasability studies for the following investments: "Building a sports field in the village Bâcu", "Building green areas and a children park in the village Ipatele", "Building bus stations in the villages Cuza-Voda, Ipatele and Bâcu" .
Drafting the justificative documents for the following project:  "Purchasing a snow removal machine in the village Ipatele, Iasi county".
Drafting the cost-benefit analysis corresponding to each investment in the integrated project;
Drafingt a funding request including all annexes;
Ensuring the project management.