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  • Romania

  • Tutova

  • Structural Funds

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Integrated project aiming to establish the first public water supply network and the wastewater network in the village Tutova, Vaslui County

Integrated project aimed to directly improve the quality of life in the village Tutova, Vaslui county, thus contributing to the improvement of  the living standards, and to the economic development of the town as a whole, and  of the entire North Eastern region also, by means of:

  • Establishing the public water network with a length of 8.45 km.
  • Establishing a wastewater network with a length of 9.87 km.

Tab 3

Funding request for the intgrated project.
Assistance to customers to achieve supporting documents attached to the application form.
Perform a cost-benefit analysis corresponding to each investment in the integrated project.