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  • Romania

  • Pitesti Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Installation of a surveillance system to increase safety and prevent crime in the area Podul Viilor

The general objective of the project is to reduce crime and increase social security for Pitesti city’s citizens by implementing social interventions, thereby increasing the quality of life, creating new jobs and promoting social economy, respecting the principles of a sustainable development.
The specific objective of the project is to purchase and install a surveillance system to increase public safety in the neighbourhood: Podul Viilor – Parc Strand in Pitesti, within 13 months, by:

  • Purchasing a surveillance system;
  • Creating surveillance system as to increase safety and social crime prevention;
  • Establishing a monitoring centre.

Tab 3

Performing the feasibility study;
Performing the cost-benefit analysis;
Preparing the funding application;
Preparing the approvals and agreements documentation;
Drafting the technical project and tender specifications;
Preparing the execution details;
Checking the project;
Ensuring technical assistance during the execution of works.