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  • Romania

  • Iasi Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Increasing accessibility towards the economic and commercial central area of Iasi development pole

The general objective of the project is the modernization and rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure in Iasi city, by increasing accessibility, improving public transport and ensuring good traffic conditions in order to develop regional connectivity, improving the mobility to and from this pole of growth and easing traffic flow in the city;

The modernization and rehabilitation of the urban infrastructure will also contribute to the transformation of Iasi Metropolitan Area into an economic, university and academic centre, a metropolitan community developed in a polycentric manner, a regional pole of knowledge and competitiveness – European Union’s major joint with the extra- communitarian space. The specific objective of the project is to develop urban infrastructure in Iasi city by modernizing 11 roads, 3 parking spaces and an access road during 18 months. The main expected results of the project are:

  • 2,524 m of rehabilitated roads;
  • 3,390 sqm of arranged parking spaces;
  • 158 parking spaces created;
  • 15 parking spaces created for people with disabilities;
  • 489 sqm of pavement with access steps to the esplanade.


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Performing topographic surveys;
Performing a geotechnical study;
Performing a traffic study;
Obtaining a Land Registry for I. Baciu Street;
Developing technical expertise;
Processing preliminary data and presenting the preliminary solutions to the beneficiary;
Preparing documents for obtaining permits and filing them;
Preparing DALI, including the cost-benefit analysis, DTAC, DTOE;
Preparing the funding application;
Preparing the technical design, the execution details, the tender specifications and verification;
Collecting the approvals.