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  • Romania

  • Suceava Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Increase safety and prevent crime in Suceava municipality, by means of the acquisition of specific equipment and setting up a surveillance center

General objective: reducing crime and increasing social security for citizens in Suceava, in order to eliminate the gap between less developed and developed areas of the city by means of accessibility and mobility in safe conditions and sustaining economic development as to enhance the position of the development pole Suceava city in order to increase the attractiveness of the Northern East Region  on quality of life and creation of new jobs.

Specific objective: development of public interventions in solving community problems at the level of the development pole until 2015, as to increase safety and crime prevention in Suceava, by purchasing and installing a surveillance system and  setting up a surveillance centre during 12 months, as follows:

  • Purchase of a surveillance system;
  • Instalment of the surveillance system as to increase safety and social crime prevention in Suceava, in the 80 locations set by the project;
  • Establishment of a monitoring centre.

Tab 3

Providing assistance for the funding application;
Performing the related studies and expertise surveys;
Drafting the individual project, the feasibility study, the approval documentation for the  intervention works.