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  • Romania

  • Buzau Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Increase safety and prevent crime in Buzau Municipality, by means of the acquisition of specific equipment and setting up a surveillance center

General objective: enhancing public interventions in community social problems in the urban action area until 2015, by developing crime prevention services, helping to increase the safety and attractiveness of the urban action zone.

Specific objective: Purchase and installation of a surveillance system necessary to increase safety and prevent crime in the action area of Buzau city, as follows:

  • Purchase surveillance system consisting of:
  • Data transfer infrastructure;
  • Data transmission equipment;
  • Fixed and mobile cameras;
  • Monitoring central dispatch.

The installation of the surveillance system is necessary for crime prevention in the action area of Buzau city.

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Drafting the technical and economic documentation for the project  for the purpose of accessing Axis 1 of POR.