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  • Romania

  • Pascani Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Increase citizens’ safety and prevent crime in Pascani municipality by means of specialized equipments and of a surveillance centre

General objective: reducing crime and increasing social security for citizens of Pascani by developing public interventions to solve community problems, thereby increasing quality of life, creating new jobs and improving the local economy.
Specific objective: implementation of community interventions to prevent antisocial acts in the urban action of Pascani by purchasing and installing a surveillance system to increase safety and prevent crime  for a period of 12 months, as follows:

  • Purchase surveillance system;
  • Install surveillance system necessary to increase safety and crime prevention in the area of action Pascani;
  • Create a surveillance center.

Tab 3

Drafting the funding file.
Performing an opportunity study (equivalent to a feasability study, acording to the 2nd Corigendum of the Applicant's Guidelines).