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  • Romania

  • Moinesti Municipality

  • Structural Funds

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Increase citizens’ safety and prevent crime in Moinesti municipality by means of specialized equipments and a surveillance centre

Overall Objective: Reduce crime and increase the social safety in Moinesti , thereby increasing the quality of life, creating new jobs and improving the local economy.

Specific objective:Purchase and installing surveillance systems necessary to increase safety and prevent crime in Moinesti for a period of 12 months as follows:

– Purchase a surveillance system consisting of:

  • Data transfer infrastructure.
  • Data transmission equipment.
  • Fixed and mobile cameras.
  • Monitoring Central Dispatch.

– Installing the required surveillance for the crime prevention in 27 locations in Moinesti established by the project.

Tab 3

Elaborate funding requests and paperwork.
Draft the technical and economic paperwork (feasability studies/ paperwork certifying the intervention works, including the economic-financial analysis.
Drafting the funding files.
Drafting the Economic and technical documentation (technical project, including certified checks on specialties, specifications, construction details, approvals, DTAC);
Performing investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, energy audit;
Ensuring technical support during the performance of work until the final acceptance report.