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  • Romania

  • Sadova

  • Structural funds

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First establishment of public water supply network and waste water and local roads rehabilitation in Sadova, Suceava County

Integrated project aimed to directly improve the quality of life in Sadova by creating essential objectives that will help everyone to improve the living standards and the economic development of the town as a whole, and the entire North East region, by means of:

  • Building a system of water supply and sewerage to satisfy quantitative and qualitative requests of the inhabitants of Sadova.
  • Rebuilding the communal road will improve the overall appearance of the locality and the environmental conditions by reducing emissions, dust and noise.
  • Purchasing a sound and light system for the festival ,,Maria Surpat-Mina Paslaru.

Tab 3

Perfoming a feasibility study;
Performing investment studies: topographical survey, geotechnical survey, technical expertise, traffic study
Achieving the cost-benefit analysis related to the investment